Our Mission

Our mission is inspired by two simple ideas: the growing physical distance between people and how we could create that solves this problem. We searched internally and looked to our basic needs and senses. Aroma is something that people use for a variety of reasons like healing or meditation. Aroma can also help spark a recollection of memories you may have forgotten. In such a way we found the simple senses to be a way to reconnect with our memories and those from which our memories are inspired; thus, our candle was produced. With an unending collection of continuous callbacks, we hope to eventually create one candle that satiates any personal experience. 

Minimal and Unobtrusive

The minimalist approach would also give us something that can appeal to the senses without becoming a distraction. We did this because we understand the importance of a memory. While we have our own inspiration for creating the scents, we hope that you find our collection as something that can remind you of your own memories and experiences. Beyond working to complement our core philosophy, we also wanted a design that would not detract from anyone’s personal spotlight. Our design was created to be an accent piece that fits any room or decor without overstating or outshining its environment. The design is in the aroma and not the candle’s visual aesthetic.