A Scent For Every Memory

This distance encouraged the production of a unique candle that evokes their happiest memories.

Mia's Co is a newly established company located in Los Angeles, CA. Since our founding, we’ve been committed to making both natural, unique, and affordable candles. Our products combine vision with superior product design. Each of our 20 different candles has a one-of-a-kind story behind it, which allows you to select the perfect candle for yourself or someone that you love.

While we focus on creating the best candles with the smallest ecological trail, we recognize there are other footprints that need greater support. We have done this by enrolling in the East Los Angeles College Transforming Lives Campaign, which gives directly to students who struggle with finances and helps them. While giving back financially is a major step in supporting out community,

Message from the founder

“In today's impetuous society, we hope to use our products as a carrier to elicit memories with fragrance, instead of people passing on each other's beautiful thoughts.”

Willem Huang

Founder of Mia’s Co. He found a spark in candle-making as a way to express his feelings and philosophies. The love for candles comes from an appreciation of the power of aroma, inspired by loved ones and personal memories.

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