Welcome to Mia's Co.

So, you’ve stumbled upon another luxury candle company. You find yourself asking the same questions: is it worth it? Will I enjoy the scents? What makes this candle different from any others? In terms of these basic questions and thoughts, we are not trying to say our candles are the best product out there. Candles will have a variety of appeals and scents that makes it almost impossible for any company to capture scents in the best way possible. We want to emphasize our work in hand-crafting these jar candles with unique fragrances and our belief that a candle is more than just craftsmanship and pleasant scents.

Mia’s Co. was designed to create a quality product but - more than that - to share some of our favorite memories. Our candles are made with the guiding thought that there is “A Scent for Every Memory.”

In saying this, we are not just selling candles. We want to invite you to join us on our journey to share common experiences through some of our favorite scents. We hope to build a network through as simple a thing as candles. Whether your memories come from exploring the world or even just your backyard, we want to preserve and share that scent.

Our primary focus is candles and we will work to create consistent fragrances that incite memories of our own experiences. There are an infinite combination of aromas to go with just as many memories and we want to catch all of them to share with you. In addition to our scents we hope to offer personal insight to candle culture, lifestyle habits, and other cultural differences with which we may interact.

We are committed to functional design as well as environmentally-friendly products and crafting. We want to stay away from fragrances that overpower any room and focus on providing an aroma that complements an area instead. Candles should be an accent and not a centerpiece. 

We hope to encourage a deeper understanding of candles, their many uses, and the reasons they have remained a constant fixture in home decor.

We do hope that you will enjoy the scents we create. With any luck, we’ll be able to capture our favorite memories in a small bottle to share with you, to remind you of things almost forgotten, or inspire you towards creating new memories.

Please join us, share your scented memories, and help us uncover all of the best scents that exist throughout the world.