Postcard Series: Collaboration with Delaney Engle

Postcard Series: Delaney Engle

Our Postcard Series hopes to expand our ability to capture and share memories. These collaborations feature local artists to support the local community and explore areas that are otherwise left alone.

Our first postcard features local artist, Delaney Engle. She is an artist-writer and illustrator who tries to using any medium available, including: conceptual video, creative writing, narrative illustrations, and large abstract painting. Her work showcases her unique lens on life, portraying it through observational, personal, and emotional connection. Doing so allows for all her work to be consistently different and still maintain common themes like memories, intimacy, and human connection.


Delaney’s various work and projects are not too different from our own. While they may be completely changed based on their content or format, they all include similar ideas inspired by passion and the desire to connect with other people. In the same way that we have included her work as a part of ours, she has done the same. The simple image of the loving embrace between a frog-mother and her frog-daughter shows the major themes of life that any person should notice. That she included a couple of our candles on her lily-pad picnic show the deeper level of connection, both between collaborators and in the way people connect with each other. Quite often, people don’t recognize the immense service that objects can provide. Activating the senses can be a simple pleasure but it can also help you remember important moments as time goes by.


Pairing our candles with the work of an artist like Delaney is just another way that we try to emphasize the importance of memories in every which way. We want to maximize the use of a seemingly one-dimensional product. We know the effect of a candle is often minimal but we hope that you continue to choose Mia’s Co in hopes of adding to your own memories or simply making your days slightly sweeter.


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