Is there a place for candles during #HotGirlSummer?

For all the good qualities connected to candles, there is also the obvious association to heat and warmth. Normally, this is a positive association but, considering that heat will be plentiful over the coming months, candles might be the one of the last things you think about. I’m here to remind you about all the ways that candles can keep a steady light during the summer season.

Candles may not completely heat up an entire room or be all that hot, but when you’ve been sweating all day or come back to a warm home, you may not necessarily want to risk adding any more heat to your immediate surroundings. I get it. But, candles don’t immediately lose their therapeutic properties just because the temperature is hotter. There are a variety of fragrances not suited for the warmer months but there are also many that can help create a calmer, more relaxing environment. I would recommend looking away from fuller scents like woody Patchouli or the potpourri from our Lemon Tea (though, if those are your favorites, you could pair them with something lighter to create an open-air feeling in any home). In looking to other scents, try to find airy florals, soothing greens, or placid waters. This will add an air of freshness to an otherwise obtrusive heat.

If you still find that the extra heat is too much, consider options like smaller sizes or simply repositioning those candles you do have. Recognize this as an opportunity to discover areas of your own home and find new reaches you may not otherwise explore. Use this chance to test other fragrances in smaller sizes or find new places in which to position them. Adding something like a lantern in an elevated space or finding a candlestick décor piece can help spruce up any room or add light where it may usually be lacking. This also helps create new ambiance: perfect for entertaining guests or creating a change of environment without leaving your own home. You can also take this opportunity to spend more time outdoors. While candles may be redundant outside during the longer daylight hours, there is a new opportunity to inhabit the environment of a warm night; perfect for an added fragrance to make a setting completely catered to your preferences.

Discourse around candles has largely become centered around aroma, creating a limit around its long history of uses, disregarding their greater aesthetic and often deeper cultural meaning. Candles are also meant to be seen. They were not always intended for fragrance as they were originally made to illuminate. In remembering a candle’s original purpose, you reopen greater possibility and easily invite new memories. You can create a new, meditative space by limiting the electric light you use or create an intimate ambiance around a home picnic. Beyond smells and aromatherapy, candles have also become purposefully decorative and can complement a variety of aesthetics, satiating any senses or mood.

The summer offers a casual reminder about the eclectic nature of candles and the depth of meaning they’ve accrued over time. So, while you may worry about how to keep your love for candles aflame in the sweltering heat, if you think about it a little more, you’ll find that your favorite candles already align with the #hotgirlsummer vibe.