Collaboration with Rue Citrine

The current climate has made it difficult for new brands to expand and attract customers. It is so easy to follow the trends in fashion than to make them ourselves. While the biggest brands still have their place in the fashion environment, they begin to lose a part of the attraction as they have to meet the expectations of their customer base and the expectations of the people jumping between fads. While their items may continue to be iconic fashion pieces or accessories, they are often working for the brand they build and the mainstream attention minimizes their role to a specific look or style. In saying this, fashion is unending; trends arrive, leave, and return. The goal is to make fashion accessible to everyone which cannot be done by an individual brand or shop.

Recently, we were contacted by Rue Citrine, a virtual boutique interested in preserving the artistry and skill prevalent throughout the fashion world. We are ever thankful that our candles became greater additions to the world of personal design alongside other pieces like hand-woven purses, silk headbands, and inimitable jewelry.

There is also something to be said about the role of the curator. It is simple to find individual pieces and share them with others. It requires more attention to detail and care for the craft to find the ways these pieces work together and complement each other. Rue Citrine not only shares a unique collection, they offer personalized style and arrangement. Items like their Casa Bundle showcase their eye for combination and seamless style that can be easily incorporated into a variety of environments. Further still, personal style is sometimes simple and muted, the Rue Girl Bundle is a clear example of how comfort can still require effort.

While the large wave of big-name fashion companies has a strong hold on the major population, there are countless boutiques and designers working to keep the basic tenets of fashion moving forward. It may be difficult to be interested in the clothes you wear or your personal décor when home visits are rare and nights in the city not so popular. Still, being called fashionable and receiving compliments is nice, but fashion is personal; fashion is for the self. Our collaboration with Rue Citrine is evident of that idea – the idea behind their founding – that fashion is an avenue where you find independent pieces that become uniquely yours.

For any inquiries about their bundles or sharing your own designs and products, contact Gabrielle Saifi at